110 min

Language: English

Subtitle: Malay / Chinese

Genre: Horror

Release date: April 25, 2024

Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

Casts: Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Alisha Weir, Kathryn Newton, Kevin Durand, Angus Cloud

Rating: 18

Format: 2D

The plot

A group of criminals kidnap the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure. They only have to hold her for a night to collect the 50 million dollar ransom, so they bring her to an isolated mansion. However, as the captors start to dwindle in numbers, the kidnappers realise that the bloodthirsty Abigail is no ordinary little girl.




City Cineplex

  • 14:25
  • 23:55