100 min

Language: Indonesian

Subtitle: English

Genre: Horror

Release date: June 27, 2024

Director: Bambang Drias

Casts: Masayu Anastasia, Wafda Saifan, MK K-Clique, Gisellma Firmansyah

Rating: 16

Format: 2D

The plot

Ningrum has had to face negative views from local residents since childhood because her mother, Handini, was always accused of having sex with many men. The death of one of Handini`s close friends further plunges her family into local gossip. Ningrum`s life becomes increasingly uneasy when the man she secretly loves, named Jalu, is trapped as Handini`s new sacrifice. Ningrum has to face various supernatural terrors. Finally, Ningrum got a clue and asked for help from a religious man who gave her a magical spear to destroy black magic on earth.




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